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Timeline of History

So many history and genealogy have botched concepts for times and stories and relationships.

There are countless errors caused by ignorance of historical facts and timelines.  My blog has some essential connections. 

Timeline and data for Grace Smith

The  story of Grace and Ralph Smith is unknown. One flash of insight solved all the mysteries

The story of Grace and Ralph Smith is extraordinary.  I discovered it by a flash of insight and all the myssteries were solved.

Timeline and Data for Michael Parmentier


Huguenot on the Hudson: Michael Parmentieris a fascinating, important story.  Clearly all the historians have botched his story to the max,   

Jesse Irish and his sons

Jesse Irish has botched history including this Quaker Meeting House which he founded.

Jesse Irish founded this Quaker Meeting house.  Historians and genealogists have made gross errors about him, his wife and their son, Peter,   Good Grief!

Halfway Inn


The Halfway Inn was my beloved house. The next owner disregarded all my good work and paid an ignoramus.  It is not easy to correct the National Register of Historic Places.  At least I will have the record here.  

Tales in Time


A plethora of stories- mostly about my parents and their ancestors - but including other ancestors of my grandchildren.  

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